I love bread. Almost everyone eats bread. For most Africans and many other parts of the world, Bread competes against rice, potato, cassava (gari) and many other snacky foods. Bread is the most popular food and staple in Africa.


It has remained a widely-accepted food item because of its convenient and ready-to-eat nature, a go-to-food anytime of the day.

Bread is a common food item in many African households and up to 70 percent of breakfast diets on the continent contain bread.


As a Nigerian, believe me our breads are very tasty, fascinating and not boring as I've found so many around here to be. There are so many ways we eat our bread.

I remember Ten Years ago when I moved to BC Canada. I tried several bakeries and stores just to find something a little closer to our African type of sweet and delicious Bread. But all to no avail. after a while, I gave up. I'm many people can share same frustration.


One day few years ago, I started experimenting my own type of Nutricious and Delicious African bread Just The Way I Wanted it. I perfected it to my taste and then shared it with few friends and later at some of my events. People loved it, Africans and Canadians from all walks of life.


Please, pick one up at one of the stores listed on our website and let us know what you think.








                                       from my desk: T.K. Ajayi